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Speed Limit

What is the speed limit around TMCC camping grounds and carpark area?

Safety Gear

What is the mandatory safety gear that must be warn when riding a bike?

Clean Up

Do you need to clean up your camp area and place rubbish in the bin?

Track Direction

Can you ride in the wrong direction on a one-way track?


Can I do wheelies and donuts in the carpark, camping area?


Can I dink/double up on my bike with a mate or my kids?

Peewee Track

Who can ride on the peewee tracks?


Should I clean my mess at the toilets and showers?

Ride Area

Can I ride off the club block onto the road or neighboring blocks?


What do you do if you see a 4x4 trespassing on the TMCC property and the drivers are not wearing TMCC vests?